I lead Arup’s water advisory team in Bristol, specialising in water resilience, asset management, strategy development, business planning and regulation.

Our work focuses on providing high quality water resources and wastewater services for citizens and communities and protecting them from water-related hazards such as shocks and stresses. I am passionate about bringing together clients and stakeholders, and showing them the art of the possible to improve water management for the benefit of communities and the environment.

As a chartered civil engineer, I have a strong technical background working on transformation projects such as Hunters Point South, RainScape Llanelli and protecting NYC subways from flooding.

Since joining Arup’s water advisory group I have been developing strategic thinking with clients on how to address the challenges they face including collaborating with Welsh Water to develop their 30 year strategy, Welsh Water 2050.

I have worked with water companies, city leaders, academics, businesses, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and communities around the world to devise and implement solutions to the challenges facing them; from unprecedented sea level rise in Miami to drought in Cape Town.