I am a digital lead based in Cardiff, specialising in geographic information systems, data manipulation, analytics and software development.

My background is in data capture, storage, manipulation and visualisation. That allows me to take a holistic view of complex projects. Often that complexity comes from the sheer number of disciplines and data sets involved. Having that wider perspective help me identify how to integrate teams and data, unlocking efficiencies across the project and the lifecycle of the asset.

I have delivered projects for Highways England, Welsh Water, the Welsh Government and Network Rail, including the award winning ‘The Greater West’. At the time, this project to upgrade the London to Cardiff line was the UK’s largest rail electrification project. Winner of a Construction Excellence award, it is a dramatic example of the power of digital technology to transform projects. Multiple design houses and construction teams with staff across the UK were struggling to access vast amounts of data stored in different location on incompatible platforms. With new data being manually created and verified, there was no single, shared, up-to-date view of this complex project. That is what we were able to provide, creating a shared platform to accelerate workflow and meet the time and cost savings the lean programme demanded.