Your best solution to date?
The condensation prevention system for the historic façade at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perelman Building.

Why is it significant?
It allowed us to maintain gallery levels of humidity within the protected landmark building with minimal changes to the façade and windows.

Your particular skill?
Building physics, sustainable design and HVAC engineering.

Lots of it! We live in challenging times and there’s much to be done.

Why Arup?
It’s liberating to work in an organization where doing the right thing for our clients is always placed above financial considerations.

Anything else?
I have been on a continuous process of learning and development throughout my 30 years at Arup. The next challenge is to learn how to transition all aspects of our projects and our firm towards a zero-carbon future. We have quite a few exemplar projects in this regard but I won’t be satisfied until the majority of our work meets this ideal.