Mandy Maas

Geospatial Data Scientist

I am a geospatial data scientist. My work uses remote sensing, geospatial intelligence and data science to analyse the Earth’s processes and structures. I am part of a team developing digital tools to turn that data into valuable intelligence across geotechnics, water, environment and international development.

Much of my work focuses on sustainability. Satellite imagery is transforming the sustainable development debate. Our growing archive of this imagery gives us both a baseline and the data-driven evidence we need to understand complex, interconnected systems. That evidence is allowing us to monitor, assess and inform sustainable development goals.

Satellite imagery also gives us a powerful way to highlight environmental abuses. Using open-source imagery from the European Space Agency, I have been working on a project to identify informal landfills in developing countries. These sites represent a major threat to communities’ health and safety and the environment. The machine learning model we developed has transformed our ability to identify, classify and track these informal waste sites.

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