Max Russell is a sustainability and climate change consultant. Having gained experience working with cities throughout Europe and North America, he helps urban changemakers tackle themes of waste, energy, emissions and food through the lens of the circular economy and climate change.

Through his professional career, Max has gained practical experience in analysing city data to map material flows through a city, translating data into practical recommendations and pilot projects, as well as using holistic concepts such as Doughnut Economics to support green and just change. He has worked with a range of project partners and clients, including municipal governments in Amsterdam, Prague and Montréal, and international organisations. He supported the European Investment Bank to establish a Circular City Centre: a competence and resource centre which aims to support EU cities in their circular economy transition.

Max has an MSc in Urban Management and Development —specialising in urban sustainability and climate change— and is passionate about supporting the transition towards environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive cities of the future.