Melody Ablola

Associate principal and logistics consultant

Melody is an associate principal and a leader for the logistics practice in the Americas region. She has broadened the scope and scale of operations consulting and masterplanning at Arup, promoting logistics consulting work and growing the business through successful partnerships with our clients. Now her team engages with stakeholders from the buildings industry to cities, creating conversations and opportunities around how things should be designed holistically and solving interesting problems to shape a better world, at any scale.

Melody has had a lead role on many of Arup’s most iconic projects. As an industrial engineer, she found working on the King’s Cross Coal Drops Yard project fascinating — an old Victorian industrial estate given a new breath of life. Always interested in spaces where old meets new, she helped transform this canal property and engage in the process of making a better place.

Watch here as Melody describes the King's Cross Coal Drops Yard project.