I am a building services engineer with 25 years of experience, designing and working with clients and architects on some amazing projects. I am a strong believer in collaboration from day one in order to achieve the best outcome, the most efficient use of resources in construction, and delivering buildings that are easily understood by their users.

I am the Digital leader for Buildings in the UKIMEA region and have overseen the development of our digital skills of our people and techniques into our projects. As internet technologies have become pervasive in society, I have also led our exploration and experimental work into how this can be used to improve our experience of buildings and give owners and operatives a greater understanding of their portfolios. The combination of building engineering knowledge and harnessing of emerging technology is leading our engineers to inform the next generation of buildings, new and existing.

I have worked extensively across many sectors and significant experience in the commercial office sector in the London market and in Arts & Culture and public building projects. In my digital role, I lead major client portfolios on enabling their buildings to be smart and data-enabled.

Key completed projects…

160 Tooley Street now the Headquarters for Southwark Council, was a groundbreaking demonstrating within a commercial the success of integrating engineering, architecture and construction thinking. The deep plan floors are free of ceilings and complex servicing. The additional height allows more daylight, and the structure acts as both thermal regulate and as a distributor for fresh air.

The London Aquatic Centre shows how successfully iconic architecture can be realised through thoughtful design. Coordinating sometime conflicting factors we worked together to achieve a great design for various different functions.

The White Collar Factory started as a study into the office of the future underpinned by five design principles redefining the commercial office. These initial principles based on a long life loose fit design were implemented completely and holistic into the project which has proved a great success with the building users.

Halifax Public Library working with a multidisciplinary team across continents, and developing concepts with partner engineers to meet local codes and construction practices, while delivering a novel and innovative design.