As Global skills leader in Public Health design, my role requires capturing and disseminating the many Public Health, Plumbing and Hydraulic engineering skills from our engineering teams around the firm, ensuring our younger engineers learn through the knowledge of our more senior staff. Having worked with Arup for 32 years, I have worked on many globally significant projects ranging from commercial projects such as The Leadenhall Building in London, through to bio-medical research buildings for major pharmaceutical companies and significant rail and airport infrastructure projects both in the UK and overseas. 

In addition to my role in building engineering design I work on various industry committees and am an active member of the British Standards committee assisting in the creation of new public health related standards for the construction industry. I also assisted in the creation of Public Health design narrative incorporated into the British Council for Offices design guide.

My true passion is working with multi-disciplinary teams, striving towards attaining outstanding design solutions for the built environment whilst ensuring value for our clients, together with maintaining truly sustainable design principles and solutions.