Your best solution to date?
Many individual design and construction triumphs on the CTRL but most of all the St Pancras masterplan and the details that made it possible.

Why is it significant?
Phoenix from the Ashes – turning a derelict into an iconic international destination.

Your particular skill?
Problem Solving. Working alongside clients to discuss and define project scope and successful delivery.

Essential in turning half-empty thinking into totally full. Also takes energy and endurance – successful outcomes require sustained effort beyond the essential enthusiasm.

Why Arup?
Arup makes the difference in the success of any venture because we bring, in addition to our technical and managerial capabilities, lateral and sustained thought to each and every twist of the project journey.

Anything else?

Arup is an organisation that has its success founded in teams at all levels, international and multidisciplinary. I’m also, probably because of my age and the opportunities Arup have given me: OBE, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, Gold Medal Institution of Structural Engineers, Sir Frank Whittle Medal Royal Academy of Engineering.