Paul is a director and leader of Arup’s Building Practice in the Middle East. His career spans more than 30 years, having extensive experience leading and delivering complex projects in the UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, and UAE.

For the past 20 years, he has put sustainability at the heart of his work. He pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in design to deliver the most sustainable outcomes and lectures future leaders on the importance of sustainability in the built environment. He has been closely involved in developing sustainable solutions for many larger-scale urban developments, bringing the full range of Arup’s skills together to create holistic solutions that deliver practical and commercially sustainable solutions.

He works collaboratively with clients across industries, including science and technologypropertysportenergy and education, to ensure that all engineering services meets his clients’ operational and human needs. Paul has been involved in many significant projects, including the Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal building and the Oman Botanic Garden.