Your best solution to date?
We work in teams, so all solutions are the product of many brilliant people – but for me - delivering High Speed 1 railway in the UK from initial concept to completion of construction.

Why is it significant?
It was the first new railway in the UK for 100 years. The environmental team was an exceptional group of people working together under a challenging programme to set so many new environmental standards – benchmarks for other major infrastructure projects to follow.

Your particular skill?

Originally a botanist / ecologist, I became an environmental scientist and urban planner but I have an interest in all environmental disciplines. Bringing them together in my working areas of environmental impact assessment, sustainability appraisal, construction environmental management, urban planning and health impact assessment is an immensely enjoyable challenge.

The natural world, biodiversity, health and wellbeing of ecosystems of which we are all part – oh, and football.

Why Arup?
Being given the opportunity to be the first environmental scientist in Arup and set up our environmental consulting practice was impossible to resist. Introducing new skills such as air quality, ecology and landscape architecture was a great privilege. Our employee owned structure and humane outlook with social purpose is fundamental to attracting a great group of people around the world. What’s not to like?!

Anything else?
The freedom to work with exceptional people at all levels in the firm