Your best solution to date?
I have been fortunate to be involved in very many great projects, and because we work in design teams I wouldn’t claim any solution as my own, but ones that come to mind are the zero energy concept for the Nottingham university Jubilee campus in 1996, the natural ventilation strategy for the California academy of science in SF, the highly integrated structure services planning for the Hermes building in Tokyo, the hybrid a/c solution for the elliptical floor plates at 1 Bligh St, and the vertical villages concept for 8 Chifley Square in Sydney.

Why is it significant?
All these solutions add to the performance and architecture of the building, they are strategically considered and fully integrated into the form of the building.

Your particular skill?
A blend of design, creativity, communication, leadership, tenacity and energy.

Lots of it, for whatever is next, I’m not interested in the past at all.

Why Arup?
We are the best engineering design firm in the world. We have great people, but so do other firms as well - it is the freedom to do what we do, in whichever way we think is best that sets us apart and keeps me here.

Anything else?
I am the Global Commercial Property leader, if you have an interest or need around commercial property then please contact me.