Pawel Ogonowski has over 18 years’ experience in civil and structural engineering, with a particular focus on bridges. Since joining Arup in 2013, he has been involved in the delivery and execution of major infrastructure projects, including the M17/18, M11 and N25 road design projects.

Pawel uses his broad experience in a range of software, integrating digital solutions to improve design processes. He has a keen interest in automation and BIM and constantly strives to enhance outcomes for clients and end users. Pawel’s focus on design excellence, combined with his comprehensive engineering knowledge and eagerness to increase efficiency by using new technologies, add value to all projects and enable collaboration across the design team.

Pawel is a member of Engineers Ireland, and a Certified Chartered Bridge Engineer for Design and Construction works without limitations in Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. He is also a certified Associate with the International Project Management Association.