Your best solution to date?
I think that it was the entrance canopy to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, although there are many other ideas that I think have made a real contribution to the development of our practice.

Why is it significant?
To solve the structural geometry we resorted to advanced 3D modelling and studies. In 1995 this was ground breaking work that we have continued to build on ever since. It was the foundation for our work in what the industry now knows as BIM and has meant we have stayed at the forefront of these innovations.

Your particular skill?
Structural engineering is at the heart of what I do, but these days I realise that my great strength is in bringing teams together to deliver amazing outcomes for our clients.

Absolutely - but particularly for digital technologies and innovation. I really believe that we can substantially improve industry productivity through embracing the changes upon us.

Why Arup?
For the design culture, the environment that it creates and the people it attracts.

Anything else?
A love of good architecture and urban spaces