Your best solution to date?
Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, with work in infrastructure sectors often combining advice on engineering design, planning, law, economics and finance. It has been immensely rewarding to have been involved in the development of business economics as a complementary and integral part of Arup services.

Why is it significant?
I believe that understanding the economic impact of our services on our clients, and on their clients and stakeholders, is important for good consultancy and design.

Your particular skill?
I hope – thinking imaginatively about the use of economics.

Problem solving – and working with colleagues who question the status quo.

Why Arup?
Because Arup tackles the big challenges, has good values and actively invests in and encourages a cross-discipline approach.

Anything else?
I’m currently working with a multi-disciplinary team on the economics of resilience to climate change - how to improve the “cost-benefit” assessments of options and how much to spend.