I am a mechanical engineer by background and I spent the first half of my career performing advanced simulations of dynamic systems. As a specialist in structural dynamics, I been privileged to work on a wide range of projects including bridges, railways, hospitals, laboratories, offshore structures, sculptures and historic buildings. I was part of the team that worked on the London Millennium Bridge after its famous wobble, a fantastic challenge in terms of engineering problem solving!

I currently lead a group of over 100 software developers, data scientists, geo-spatial specialists and designers who are at the forefront of Arup’s digital capability. The team work on a huge range of projects including advanced flood management tools, software for vehicle crash simulation, remote sensing technology, large scale geospatial data management and product development, to name a few.

In addition, I am responsible for Arup’s Oasys LS-DYNA activity – LS_DYNA is a sophisticated non-linear finite element program owned by Ansys and used extensively in the automotive and aerospace sectors, amongst others. Arup have pioneered the use of LS-DYNA for civil and structural applications, particularly in seismic, blast, fire and geotechnical design... We are distributors ofLS-DYNA in several regions and develop and distribute our own Oasys pre and post processing products for LS-DYNA.

I also took time away from Arup to work as a field logistician with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and then spent 6 years on the Board of MSF-UK and MSFs Operational Centre in Amsterdam. In line with Arup’s commitment with Community Engagement, I have a leadership role in bringing together our technical and strategic capabilities to support the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised communities, in partnership with external organisations.