I am the smart platforms manager for the advanced digital engineering team in China. Like smart platforms themselves, I combine digital expertise with domain knowledge from my engineering background.

My former role as a BIM and GIS consultant taught me the challenges of digital integration on largescale projects. I worked on infrastructure advisory for the 15km2 Qianhai and Nansha new national economic zone, both on the Pearl River Delta. My new role involves integrating digital technologies to create platforms for every scale, from park/community to cities. I recently worked on Arup’s Neuron City project to create a smart platform digital twin of an entire city.

From my perspective, ‘smart’ does not refer to the technologies driving the platforms I deliver. It refers to the choices those platforms make possible: better informed decisions, better, ‘smarter’ strategies.

I am a certificated PMP member. Earlier in my career I served as a member Chinese Civil Engineering Society’s committee on earthquake prevention and mitigation. More recently, I have contributed to Arup’s digital twin report, exploring the current state of digital twining and its potential value to cities, energy, property, transport and water.

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