I am Arup’s digital design leader in East Asia. I focus on digitalising and optimising design and engineering processes. My role is to identify these opportunities and build the road maps to make them a reality.

I believe we are close to a future where all non-creative tasks in a workflow will be automated. To help move us and our clients to that goal faster, I have been running mapping exercises to identify opportunities for automation. I have worked as director of the programme to make automated workflows available to everyone in Arup, through a cloud-based design and engineering platform.

Digital technologies emerge at incredible speed. To help us keep pace with those developments, I have initiated two acceleration centres: one in Hong Kong for skills; one in Shenzhen for software development. To train more colleagues faster, I have also developed large-scale training programmes in scripting languages from Dynamo and Grasshopper to Python.

I am a regular contributor to industry and academic forums. I have hosted seminars on Elefront at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong and for the AA Visiting School, Hong Kong. I have also taught computational design at Eindhoven University of Technology and construction communication and architectural design at The University of Hong Kong.