Your best solution to date?

The MaMu canopy walkway in North Queensland. 400m of elevated walkway and a 60m high viewing tower in pristine tropical rainforest within a World Heritage Area. The location is of cultural significance to the local MaMu Aboriginal people.

Why is it significant?

There were many environmental considerations, including minimal disruption to the forest floor, tree canopy and working around local fauna including a family of cassowaries with young chicks. Close coordination with the builder on movement of heavy vehicles, crane locations and placement of tower footings was required.

Your particular skill?

I am still trying to pin that one down. Maybe it is being in the right place at the right time? It may also include the ability to build long term client relationships and attract great people to my team.


There is certainly no lack of this – I am inspired by all the people I work with in Arup and I am challenged daily in my role.

Why Arup?

I have spent my entire professional career with Arup, working in over 10 different countries on four different continents. I have met many amazing people and enjoyed every minute.

Anything else?

Arup is unique. If you have a good idea and can present it with a reasonable business case then Arup will genuinely support you in bringing the idea to fruition.