Your best solution to date?
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Why is it significant?

It was a project that included the upgrade of a video surveillance system that comprises hundreds of cameras, the design and construction of a new command center and renovation to build a security suite containing office space, training space and an operations center as well as the inclusion of special construction to provide mitigation against breach, ballistic, blast and other threats. Close collaboration with the architect, construction contractor and the Bank allowed for the upgrades and renovations to take place without compromising the security of the Bank throughout the construction process.

Your particular skill?
The Integration of physical security with the client’s operations and procedures for a holistic security approach.

Developing holistic security strategies for cultural properties, specifically museums.

Why Arup?

The variety of disciplines and skill sets provides me with the opportunity to develop solutions for the most difficult challenges.

Anything else?
Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialized training and accreditation in physical security and crime prevention.