Your best solution to date?

Terminal 3 Beijing Airport, for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, where the whole team pulled together to deliver a great design in a very short time-scale and with the minimum of fuss.

Why is it significant?

The building was over 1,000,000 m2 and the team only had just over 3.5 months to take the design from the successful competition entry to the scheme design and commencement of construction. This was a mammoth task and involved about 195 Arup Staff in all regions / time-zones, who delivered over 2000 drawings. This was a truly multi-disciplinary design, which demonstrated that multiple office working can achieve great results.

Your particular skill?

Project Manager, Team Leader and interface manager with the client in Beijing. Bringing all that Arup had to offer to the project.


Energy to get the job done within the timeline and to the quality that was demanded by such a significant national gateway project.

Why Arup?

The challenge and the ability to work overseas.

Anything else?

The satisfaction of seeing so many major projects completed and in operation, contemplating the next one.