I manage a multidisciplinary BIM team in Arup’s Amsterdam office. I also lead our BIM skills network, promoting and implementing BIM in teams and projects around Europe.

Over 15 years, I have built up a good appreciation of BIM requirements for different types of project, from transportation hubs to hospitals, airports and courthouses. I have supported authorities and commercial clients during tender reviews, assessing their compliance with standards and developing employer information requirements. I am also an experienced author and reviewer of BIM execution plans (BEPs).

In my experience, successful BIM projects are as much about people as technology. They involve challenging and changing people’s mindsets, building their skills and establishing clear rules around data exchange and use. Ultimately, BIM increases transparency between everyone working on a project.

BIM not only helps us do things differently, improving the way assets are designed and constructed. It also helps us do different things: things that were previously impossible. We can model and manage the experience of people who will interact with an asset. We can analyse how that asset will perform in the future. It is helping us design a smarter built environment.