I lead a team of data scientists and digital specialists in the Advanced Digital Engineering team in London. We apply machine learning and other technologies to solve problems across a wide range of industries. I also lead projects involving fluid dynamics (CFD), electromagnetics and other specialist disciplines. I work closely with other leaders at Arup in the digital field.

How computer models, insights and solutions can be related to data and inspire design solutions has been a guiding passion throughout my career. Frequently, this has involved the application of advances from the research domain to projects in the built environment. This taken on new impetus with the recent advances in machine learning and large-scale digital transformation now impacting almost all industries.

I recently applied machine learning methods to flood management using remote sensing data and extended it to automatically generate design solutions, helping to unlock the potential of natural flood management techniques. Other recent work has been in city planning and infrastructure asset monitoring and maintenance.

I have led complex multidisciplinary building projects and I actively collaborate with academia – Imperial College, University of Oxford and others.