I lead a highly creative and passionate team, which focuses on the design of cultural venues and developments across the world. Our work engages deeply in the way spaces for arts, culture and entertainment shape and support the continuing evolution of our collective identity, as well as the sustainability of our communities.

From theatres, opera houses and concert halls to museums, pop entertainment venues, immersive experiences and arts, culture and entertainment districts, I have worked with major artists, arts organisations, and architecture and design practices to lead a wide range of projects worldwide – including the National Forum of Music in Wrocław, Poland.

My work centres around the way we experience our world through what we hear, see and touch. I believe that the spaces we live, work and recreate in should not be generic and that they should represent our culture and values.

Design matters – I focus on positively impacting the lives of people by enabling the creation of impactful and memorable cultural experiences. Culture is fundamental to how we as societies establish, maintain, and evolve our sense of identity, community sustainability, and wellbeing.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Institute of Acoustics.