I am a transport planner in Arup’s Dublin office, but I normally joke by saying that I am really an urban planner "stuck in traffic". Having graduated as a geographer/urban planner in Lisbon in 1997, I have always been passionate about issues relating to the urban environment, the quality of urban life, and the way design impacts on people’s lives. I have long thought of cities as ‘living organisms’, where mobility is the ‘blood’ that enables life.

My career as a transport planner, and especially my role within an engineering set-up wasn’t planned, but has provided me with the opportunities to do exactly what I dreamt of:  To contribute to projects that have a positive impact on the way cities function and people live. I have developed a particular interest in the manner in which mobility can be a determining factor in the quality of urban life, and especially how good design for all modes can be reflected in successful schemes, no matter how small.