Your best solution to date?
Stitch joint design originator for piled station connecting to an open cut floating cut and cover tunnel with some unconsolidated clay, beneath the stitch near the joint for the Airport Express Line Kowloon Station and Tunnel.

Why is it significant?
The design is the first of its kind for MTR and Arup Hong Kong, probably for Global Arup. The technical solution has been successfully implemented and the stitch joint is now adopted for similar situations.

Your particular skill?
Leading a multi-disciplinary team on land and transport planning engineering design for LRT, an underground metro system in an urban area, maximising the land use with the railway facilities in East Asian Cities.


Enthusiasm in delivering projects rather than just talking about it.

Why Arup?
Arup is totally committed to planning and design excellence and provide the best solution to client in a multi-disciplinary environment to serve the best interest of the client. We always looks for solutions rather than make excuses.

Anything else?
Acting as ‘the engineer’ for two railway projects in Hong Kong for KCRC, settling claims from the contractor and wrapped up the final accounts for the two projects.