I am Arup’s lead data scientist – I define and lead the firm’s data science strategy.

We’ve long recognised that being the digital leaders in the built environment, would also mean becoming leaders in data science. The work we do at Arup is hugely data intensive. To deliver the best results for our clients, we need to be using that data effectively, meaning that good data science needs to be embedded right across the firm. The programmes I run to put this in place range from statistical analysis and machine learning to data modelling, data management and governance.

Good data science should of course be scientifically rigorous, but it should also deliver meaningful insights. My background combines both of those genes – alongside a PhD in computer science, my first degree was in psychology. My professional experience covers the worlds of research, start-ups and the software industry.

My work in data science has been recognised by a number of awards. I was awarded PhD of the Year by STI International, won first prize in the Semantic Web Challenge and was named one of ‘10 to Watch in AI’ by the journal IEEE Intelligent Systems.

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