Your best solution to date?
I have enjoyed many and it’s close between Teardrop Park, Calais Border Crossing and JetBlue Terminal at JFK for very different reasons. Probably the terminal.

Why is it significant?
Truly working with a client to understand their operation and goals and aligning the team to view design from that perspective. The outcome was a collaborative effort that redefined the air travel experience for New York, if not the US.

Your particular skill?
Problem solving.

Working within a team that has huge diversity in skills and backgrounds towards a common goal and marvelling at what they can achieve.

Why Arup?
I was advised by the Director that recruited me that I should only stay with Arup "for as long as I was mentally stimulated and until I had learned all that my peers within the firm could teach". Seemed weird at the time but is probably one of the best pieces of advice I have ever had.