Tom Wilcock


I am the Digital Leader for Arup in the Americas and a member of the regional board. My focus is on applying digital technologies to create better physical and social systems for clients and communities.

With a background in numerical analysis, I have seen firsthand the power of digital tools to transform the built environment. They have been central to my work delivering specialist structures from transport infrastructure to renewable energy installations and super high-rise buildings.

We are only beginning to see the difference digital technologies can make to the way we plan, design build and operate the built environment. With so much more to explore and achieve, research is key. I founded our advanced technology and research practice in New York to drive innovation in the built environment.

Digital technologies not only transform existing practices and businesses. They also create new and different opportunities. I was instrumental in setting up our digital and venturing businesses in the Americas to explore these opportunities, engaging with start-ups and developing non-traditional revenue models.

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