I joined Arup in 2013 after completing my Masters in Building Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. My work focusses on the exploration of computational methods to complement the intelligence and creativity of engineers in various disciplines.

I focus on providing support in the field of computational design, automation, data analysis and visualization. Day-to-day work involves creating and managing custom software applications to support engineering workflows by automating repetitive, time consuming tasks and creating insight into (large) datasets.

Since 2019 I have led the European Visualization Community within Arup. In this role I bring together experts from different countries to exchange knowledge and help one another to deliver work of the highest quality.

I believe that visualization is key in coveying complex technical information to clients and colleagues. Using the right visualization tools and techniques, initially incomprehensible concepts can become suddenly clear and understandable. This triggers creativity and can be a motivation to think outside the box, which is when innovation takes place.