As Arup's Chief Data Officer, I'm responsible for developing the data solutions to support Arup wide automation, services and products. My work includes:

  • Identifying technology trends that have a disruptive impact on the built environment, our core markets and Arup’s strategy;

  • Developing data driven insight and design to create value for our clients, Arup and our ecosystem of partners;

  • Engaging with partners to improve through open innovation capabilities;

  • Making a contribution to our work with UN Sustainable Development Goals and climate change.

Prior to Arup, I worked as a Project Director for public and private sector clients across the world. I am experienced as a non-Executive Director through my work on advisory boards including the Smart London Board advising the Mayor of London, the Smart Cities Forum advising UK Ministers for Cities and Technology, together with advisory roles for ISO, BSI, Digital Economy Catapult and the Canary Wharf Cognicity program.

Thought Leadership and key note talks include my work as co-chair for the Arup Foundation sponsored ‘Digital Cities for Change (DC2)’ programme at Cambridge University, as industrial supervisor for several engineering doctorates as industry reviewer for research programs in Singapore. I lead as course Director Arup University masters level courses in Data Analytics and Smart Cities and previously Arup’s global digital advisory services.

In a recent report Digital Twin: towards a meaningful framework, I provide some insight on how a digital twin can be a powerful tool to support diverse use cases including efficient operations, scenario planning, disruption management, climate, carbon and circular economy outcomes.