I am a Director, working in the Building Engineering team. I work as a structural engineer and multidisciplinary engineering design leader in close collaboration with clients and architects to develop holistic design solutions that offer clients high value at competitive costs.

I work on architecturally ambitious projects around the world, that seek to achieve unique, high-quality solutions. I have expertise in developing and negotiating strategic design direction, based on first-principles approaches, advanced analytical methods and through close collaboration with architects to realise elegant and efficient solutions, often in seismic regions. I seek to optimize material use and develop more sustainable building design, often by pushing the boundaries of established convention, supported by in-house research.

I have a passion and track record of efficiency in tall building design and have helped signature architects realise striking buildings such as Centro Botin in Santander, Spain, Fubon Xinyi A25 Tower in Taipei and CERN Science Gateway in Geneva. I have a central role in the development and training of structural engineers, encourage strong multi-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and a client-focused approach to design.

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