I am a senior digital consultant with a focus on digital twin platforms. In the Chinese market, I have led the development of BIM platforms for buildings. I also lead the development of larger digital twin platforms for campus- and city-scale projects.

Most products today begin life digitally. This gives us in the built environment industry the opportunity to use modelling and simulation to improve those ‘products’, whether buildings or whole cities. This is hugely valuable when designing for human or natural accidents and disasters. My work to establish a parapet design standard relied on our ability to run virtual simulations of vehicle impacts on these parapets. Similarly, multiphysics simulation software LS-DYNA underpinned my work on safety assessments of complex structures exposed to earthquake.

I am a believer in practitioners taking time to share their knowledge with students. I am a visiting professor at the Institute of Future Underground Cities at Shenzhen University. I am a Fellow of the BIM branch of the China Construction Association and of the seismic and disaster prevention branch of the China Construction Society.

I value competition as a way to drive new thinking and have taken part in many industry awards. I won first prize in China’s sixth National Excellent Structure Design awards. I also received first prizes for both the Guangdong and Guangzhou Science and technology progresses.