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Insights on the built environment

In a year like no other — with in-person events shelved and unprecedented topics becoming top-of mind, Arup experts in the Americas and beyond took up our current challenges as an opportunity to spark connectivity, community, and thought-provoking discussion with our peers and collaborators. 

Throughout the year, leaders from across the industry have generously added their voices to a dialogue about our current stressors, necessary design interventions, and the road ahead for the built environment. 

We look forward to many more events in the coming year, from discussions on digital transformation, alternative project delivery and investments to conversations about how we can design in concert with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

Listen to past event recordings and learn more about what's upcoming

Returning to daily life: The built environment and its implications on wellness

Seven burst presentations focused on the adjustments and improvements we can make in the built environment as we return to our daily lives, from security and office design to campus testing and arts and culture.

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Shocks + Stressors: A conversation about COVID, social justice, and climate

In the throes of a climate crisis and global pandemic, we can see the ways in which our systems aren’t working, including the fact that our Brown and Black communities are facing an undue, inequitable amount of hardship. Our facilitated discussion explored what we can learn from the multifaceted stressors experienced by our communities.

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How lighting can help fight COVID-19

Our panel of experts discussed the research, tools, and opportunities of harnessing ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to effectively mitigate virus exposure in the built environment. Topics ranged from the social impact of the pandemic and the history of UVGI to the science of transmission and disinfection as well as factors for effectiveness of upper-room UVGI and where and how are these technologies applicable.

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The future of energy: Technologies and pathways for a decarbonized energy transition

Our speakers explored the key drivers of change in our energy system and how markets, technologies, and stakeholders are evolving to capture the opportunity of this changing landscape. Topics ranged from decarbonization and zero emission vehicles to energy storage and resilience, finance and purchasing, and the role of hydrogen.

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The future of labs: Challenges and opportunities for research organizations during the pandemic

As a follow-up to Arup’s recently published Future of Labs publication, a panel of Arup and industry experts examined key themes from the report as well as the pandemic’s current and future impacts on research organizations.

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HealthcareNEXT: Healthcare in a post-pandemic world

With the end of the pandemic hopefully on the horizon, the healthcare sector faces a range of questions about the future. Our panel of industry practitioners discussed the future of healthcare post-pandemic.

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Digital in the built environment

Digital in the Built Environment focused on digital twins, digital masterplanning, and tools that support inclusive access to digital resources, community engagement and participation.

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Transportation and President Biden’s infrastructure plan

On March 31 the White House issued a release on the American Jobs Plan, which outlines next steps for upgrading infrastructure, mitigating climate change, and reducing economic inequality. Our panel of industry experts discussed the historic plan and its anticipated impacts.

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Rethinking urban roadways

Roadway designs are now being reconsidered through the lens of sustainable development; the balance between public and private space; and the importance of physical and social connectivity, diversity, safety, and equitable opportunity. Acting Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration Stephanie Pollack was joined by an esteemed panel to discuss where and how to start rethinking our urban roadways.

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Better buildings

Across the diverse but interconnected areas of policy, affordable housing initiatives, building retrofits, new build design, and the embodied carbon of materials, building decarbonization has the potential to benefit all urban communities. We explored how we can take a holistic approach to the development of better buildings.

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