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Climate change and the coming of the 'conscious organisation'

With the pandemic beginning to recede, there’s a growing consensus that the global economic recovery must be shaped by sustainable development principles and the urgent problem of climate change. Becoming more sustainable, reducing the overuse of materials, embodying circular economy principles, or switching investments away from fossil fuels – these represent major changes for many organisations. Clients and customers increasingly expect these commitments. Government regulation is reshaping the landscape. And where once you might have a single green policy, now some competitors are thinking big, aiming to become ‘conscious organisations’.

Here in the professional services sector, we are developing new skills, insights and strategies in order to help clients on these vital journeys. Dame Jo da Silva, Arup’s Global Sustainable Development Director and Carol Lemmens, Global Advisory Services Leader, contribute to this Source Global Research podcast exploring the changing needs of professional services clients in the era of climate change.