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Deadline 2020 – The path to a sustainable future

The essential alliance between cities and the private sector

Arup and the C40 officially released the Deadline 2020 report at December’s sixth biennial C40 Summit of Mayors in Mexico City.

C40 cities collectively represent 650 million people, and make up a quarter of global GDP. The report’s goal is to present a detailed pathway of the C40 cities’ roles in bringing the Paris Agreement’s targets to fruition – helping to keep global temperatures below a 1.5°C rise since pre-industrial levels.

Arup produced the Deadline 2020 report in partnership with C40, which describes the five key areas for cities to reduce their carbon emissions, referred to as the ‘five pathways’. While cities are central to this report, it also highlights the essential role of both private industry and national governments in helping cities deliver meaningful actions.

Our report illustrates how these groups can work together to implement the changes needed and how, with the right communication, they can greatly benefit each other and the world.

Arup has extensive experience working with both city administrations and private sector businesses and is in a unique position to help the two groups collaborate to create a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Explore how both cities and private sector can complement each other in achieving the targets set out in Paris:


Future of cities

Future of cities

Eleven years since the C40 group was established, it has grown to over 80 members, and are already working to reduce their collective carbon emissions by a total of more than 3 gigatonnes by 2030.

Private sector opportunities

Private sector opportunities

There is a huge opportunity, and necessity, for the private sector to position themselves now as partners in helping cities achieve their goals.