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Deadline 2020 – We can reveal the trends cities will follow for 20+ years

Vast opportunities for the private sector

Cities are taking on the challenge of reducing their carbon emissions aggressively for the next 20+ years, in line with the pledges made in the Paris Agreement. There is a huge opportunity, and necessity, for the private sector to position themselves now as partners in helping cities achieve their goals.

In fact, cities alone are only accountable for achieving around 50% of their targets – the private sector is essential in enabling them to achieve the final 50%.

Globally, there is now funding and finance available for low-carbon and climate resilient investment through funds created to help cities reach their targets. The C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF) alone will provide $20m of support by 2020 to help cities access up to $1.24bn of additional capital funding.

Arup produced the Deadline 2020 report in partnership with C40 and, as a result, has gained deep insight into the challenges faced by cities to achieve their emissions targets. Arup’s conception of the ‘five pathways’ has given us a deep understanding of the meaningful action that needs to be taken by the C40 cities across the Buildings, Energy, Transit, Urban Planning and Waste sectors, and therefore the size of the opportunities for the private sector.

By integrating our advisory services with our key strengths in design, engineering, and implementation, we understand the nature of what needs to be done when, and who is involved in making sure these things get done – for citizens, cities, and investors.

We will help you identify the right solutions for cities

One of the key challenges faced by the private sector when looking to work with or pitching to city administrators, is getting a solid understanding of the challenge, the desired outcomes and how to achieve them.

Arup has a successful history partnering with both and can facilitate effective collaboration between them, helping to understand what is needed and what is being offered. This mutual collaboration can enable your business to become the go-to provider or partner of cities in their efforts to address climate change.

On top of this, our vast network and local knowledge globally allows Arup to facilitate the vital connection between your business and cities.

We are showing cities the technology and strategy needed to hit their targets

The five pathways developed by Arup in the Deadline 2020 report outline exactly which actions are needed in order for the C40 cities to hit their carbon emissions targets. Arup has a wealth of experience in identifying, designing, creating and implementing new technologies to tackle urban development and low-carbon challenges.

This means we are able to effectively help C40 cities pinpoint which technologies to adopt to meet their pledges.

We are highlighting exactly where the private sector can work with cities to proactively problem solve and respond collectively to the opportunities and challenges presented by climate change. 

Prime city consultant

Arup’s design and engineering heritage is now informing our rapidly growing technical, design and management consulting expertise. We draw on our breadth of technical and operational expertise to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, giving us the focus and drive to deliver results.

An example of this is our work with 100 Resilient Cities, where we are helping Chief Resilience Officers of 20 world cities to define comprehensive strategies which ensure resilience becomes a key objective of urban development.

Arup’s deep knowledge of low-carbon design also means that we can help private companies to re-focus their business strategies to become more in-line with the conversations that cities are having.

City Mayors can deliver or influence just over half of the savings needed to put cities onto the right trajectory. They cannot do it all alone. Cities must collaborate with partners in the private sector to leverage the knowledge, finance and innovations that will be fundamental to achieving their goals.” ” Paula Kirk Paula Kirk Director

Future of cities

Future of cities

Eleven years since the C40 group was established, it has grown to over 80 members, and are already working to reduce their collective carbon emissions by a total of more than 3 gigatonnes by 2030.

Deadline 2020

Arup and the C40 officially released the Deadline 2020 report at December’s sixth biennial C40 Summit of Mayors in Mexico City.