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Explore how Total Design engineering and design philosophy shapes a better world.

Exploring fascinating projects past, present and future, Arup’s latest Design Book explains how the firm’s Total Design engineering and design philosophy continues to help shape a better world.

The latest Arup Design Book, Total Design over time, tells the story of a revolutionary idea. Ove Arup, one of the twentieth century’s most influential engineers, pioneered a new approach to how we design and build the world around us: Total Design.

By bringing together architecture, engineering and an ever-expanding roster of professional specialisms Total Design has been at the root of how Arup has delivered the most ambitious projects. Total Design over time will inspire designers, engineers, architects or anyone interested in the makings of the modern world.

Over its eight chapters the book demonstrates how collaborative design and engineering continue to shape our world. The often hidden role of the engineer is revealed in some of the world’s most complex infrastructure, buildings and challenges. You'll also see how we stay resolutely focused on the future.

Design Book: Total Design over time

Discover more about some of the book's themes and the projects that bring them to life