Digital Fabrication: the New Normal - East Asia webinar

Digital Fabrication: the New Normal - East Asia webinar

In these unprecedented times, we are all rethinking how best to operate, fabricate and design our built environment in a complex, volatile and uncertain world.

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly stimulate digital innovation. Arup is looking to forge creative partnerships aligned with its aspiration to reuse whatever we can and to reduce construction waste by applying the circular economy and digital fabrication techniques.

In this webinar, experts from across Arup discuss a range of topics including the use of augmented reality, and the use of digital fabrication in projects ranging from 'Little Island' to Kuwait's International Airport.

Panel one

In this first panel introduced by Will Cavendish, we hear from experts including Arup Group Deputy Chair Tristram Carfrae exploring the use of prefabricated elements for waste reduction, Director in London John Batchelor’s discussion of the opportunity of digital fabrication in rail tunnel system fit outs, as well as Sean McGinn, Melbourne Associate Principal, discussing the introduction of augmented reality to the on-site construction industry.

Panel one (click to view speakers)

00:01:25 Will Cavendish – Welcome

00:04:46 Tristram Carfrae - Digital Fabrication at Kuwait International Airport

00:10:08 John Batchelor - Digital Fabrication in Infrastructure: Logistics and Operational Challenges

00:18:08 Sean McGinn - Skills Shortage and Augmented Humans

00:26:10 Q&A Panel chaired by Graham Dodd

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Panel two

In this second panel, we hear from Peng Liu, Beijing Director, on Arup’s use of digital fabrication for precast elements in the design of “Little Island” (Pier 55, NYC), Associate Director in London Francesco Anselmo in his discussion of a lighting and acoustic design for a customizable automated multi-sensory experience for LUSH, and lastly Senior Façade Engineer Leonie van Ginkel’s work developing the incredibly complex yet constructible façade of SFMOMA.

Panel two (click to view speakers)

00:00:03 Peng Liu - Design for Digital Fabrication “Little Island” (Pier 55), New York City

00:09:50 Francesco Anselmo - Integrating complexity: Magic LUSHrooms

00:18:17 Leonie van Ginkel - Constructing complexity: SFMOMA

00:24:35 Q&A Panel chaired by Graham Dodd

00:39:00 Closing remarks by Will Cavendish

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