Digital for reuse/regeneration of the existing built environment

Digital for reuse/regeneration of the existing built environment

The reuse and repurpose of existing assets poses mayor challenges whether the survival of your existing asset is threatened by a partial collapse with consequent lack of safe access for an in depth assessment, or a stranded iconic asset with today’s prescriptive building codes threatening to destroy its architectural clarity, or a commercial asset challenged by a substantial modification of its existing structural load path required in a tight market.

Digital comes to the rescue

Digital approaches, such as computational fluid dynamics or remotely operated drone survey with its abundant information or machine learning structural health, are at hand to increase confidence, achieve commercial viability and ultimately give a second life to our existing built environment assets which is critical to our commitment to achieve net zero.

Forging creative partnerships with clients, fabricators, researchers, and others who share our commitment to consider reuse and regeneration before new built is the motivation of Arup’s latest Digital Frontier. Is the existing asset industry ready? In this online debate audiences from different markets and geographies question a diverse group of early adopters in Arup on their experience from the liabilities to their motivations behind their novel digital approach.

Held on 7th October 2021 and hosted by Will Cavendish, our Global Head of Digital Services, panellist included Sabine Delrue, Director, on digital tools to extend the life of Netherlands’ busiest bridge; and Ana Vega Kurson, Engineer, on digital methods to extend the life and increase the performance of offshore wind farms.

Panel 1: Buildings & Structures (click to view speakers)

01:03 Will Cavendish – Welcome

03:43 Constructing a digital model: TWA Hotel, New York, Ian Buckley

11:10 Semi-Autonomous inspections at Lloyd’s Building City of London - Graeme DeBrincat

18:23 Temple Works: Improving Understanding of Historic Structures using Digital Technologies - Emily Pepper

24:10 Learned structural behaviour: Portland House, London - Hassan Moharram

31:59 Bespoke structural analysis: Blackpool Tower - Ramaseshan Kannan

38:17 Q&A chaired by Mike Edwards

Panel 2: Infrastructure & Cities (click to view speakers)

50:19 Extending lifespan of bridges in the Netherlands - Sabine Delrue

58:12 Towards continuous monitoring: offshore wind Life Extension Asset management Platform LEAP - Ana Vega Kurson

01:02:54 City modelling: Heart of the city, Sheffield, UK - Jaffel Versi

01:08:37 DigiYard circularizing construction: Cape Town - Kausar Khan (East) and Carin De Beer ( West)

01:14:30 The value of deep diagnostics at scale - Kubilay Hicyilmaz

01:19:40 Q&A chaired by Mike Edwards

01:29:40 Closing remarks Will Cavendish

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