Blast Effects on buildings

Blast Effects on Buildings

Blast Effects on Buildings is an indispensable guide to help engineers reduce the risks posed to building occupants and businesses by terrorist and other explosions. 

The third edition of this highly regarded text, lead authored by Arup Associate Director David Cormie, has been fully revised and expanded to reflect the significant developments in the field of blast engineering. 

Since the first edition of this book was published in 1995 by Cranfield University’s Peter Smith and Geoff Mays, the threat of terrorism has evolved in scope and scale. Counter-terrorist measures are now considered usual in most commercial and recreational activities; protection is now commonplace and there is heightened curiosity about what can be achieved in this area. 

The book combines coverage of the most up-to-date design standards, codes and materials with a detailed appreciation of the needs and demands of the designer. It remains one of the key references in this field, and the third edition addresses underwater shock and ground shock alongside air blast for the first time, providing an indispensable guide to countering the effects of blast in gaseous, liquid and solid media. 

David Cormie, an Associate Director in Arup’s Resilience, Security and Risk Consulting practice and a senior member of the counter-terrorism team, has led the development of the third edition, which explains and helps the designer avoid some of the commonplace pitfalls encountered in designing against explosions, building on Arup’s world-class expertise in this area.

Blast Effects on Buildings