Arup Corporate Report 2012

An insight into our work, this report shares our commitment to shaping a better world and details the highlights of 2012.

The 2012 Corporate Report provides a snapshot of the Arup Group and highlights some of the tremendous work our teams do around the globe.

Our unique ownership structure means we are not obliged to report on our performance in the same way as listed companies, but we strive to be an open and inclusive organisation and the report provides us with an opportunity to share some of the things we do every day with a wider audience.

The report provides an insight into the firm, allowing clients, partners and stakeholders to share the aspirations we have for shaping a better world in all sorts of ways, large and small. It also highlights our ongoing commitment to creating a more sustainable and resilient built environment for the future.

Supporting documents The Corporate Report covers the year up to the end of March 2012 and should be read in conjunction with the Publications for the same period.

Arup Corporate Report 2012

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