Applying project 13

Applying Project 13: Reimagining value creation in capital projects

Despite many successes, the approach that we take to deliver and manage capital programmes and projects is in the spotlight. As a sector, how can all of us in infrastructure and construction improve our track record and create high-performing infrastructure that better serves society?

We need to change the narrative about how we define success, and we need to change the way we reward parties that contribute to success. New business models such as Project 13, proposed by the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers on behalf of the industry, begin to address this narrative and move us away from traditional transactional arrangements to a new enterprise model.

While this may seem simple, achieving it requires a step change in the way the construction sector thinks about total value – to society and well as shareholders. This paper explores how the construction sector can evolve, and how these principles can practically be applied by infrastructure investors, owners, investors, regulators and suppliers.

The paper groups the issues into three areas: 

Outcomes – how can the sector put outcomes at the heart of procuring and constructing high-performance infrastructure?
Digital – How do we deal with the challenges associated with acquiring and deploying capabilities in data and technology?
Capability and collaboration – How do we develop new levels of leadership, relationships and make first moves necessary to change attitudes and behaviours?

As we help infrastructure owners and suppliers translate these principles into practical interventions, we want to stimulate a conversation about their development and application.

At Arup we believe it is important to play our part in helping the sector understand how to achieve the ambitions Project 13 sets out. If, together we can transform the way we work, we will all be helping to shape a better industry and a better world.  

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