Circl-E: from decommissioning to regeneration

The principles behind the Circular Economy have gained traction and widespread social acceptance over recent years as a sound approach towards designing a more sustainable economic system.

Our fast-moving technological transformation and the growing awareness of the huge environmental challenges we face, have helped accelerate its adoption. Institutions at all levels – international, national, regional and local - have embraced the concept of Circular Economy as a driving force in their agendas for change. 

The private sector is also tracking this tidal change, increasingly assessing the value-add, opportunities and benefits that a circular approach to business can unlock. 
In this report, we evaluate some of ways in which Circular Economy principles can be applied to the decommissioning of existing Energy Power plants, exploring the social, economic and environmental benefits this creates for the local communities and surrounding areas. 

In addition, we explore the applications that Circular Economy principles can have in the design and operation of new power plants - including renewable energy plants; providing a set of tools and best practices as well as a working methodology to measure the potential benefits. 

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