Community Engagement Annual Review 2020 cover

Community Engagement Annual Review 2020

Arup's founding commitment to to do socially useful work continues to shape our commercial work today and forms the beating heart of our investment in community engagement.

The programme aims to solve problems at the intersection of equality, education and employment and the provision of basic infrastructure that provides the essentials for life such as water, sanitation, energy, food security and shelter. We gear our community engagement towards supporting the most marginalised and disadvantaged people and to play an important part in our firm-wide contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Over the past three years we have transformed how we deliver our local and international community engagement work to have the greatest possible impact on the challenges faced by the world’s most vulnerable people. In the last year alone we collaborated with more than 200 partners on 195 projects in 42 countries, which each contributed, on average, towards more than three SDGs.

One of the stand-out achievements of the last year has been the progress we have made in highlighting the issue of homelessness and developing new partnerships with NGO’s working with homeless people across the globe. Community engagement has also been critical to coordinating how we are supporting our clients and partners in each stage of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are continually seeking opportunities to work with partners who share our values and ambition to shape a better world.

Community Engagement Annual Review 2020

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