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FIRST issue 10 cover

FIRST magazine Issue 10

Arup’s FIRST magazine celebrates excellence achieved through foresight, innovation, research, sharing and training.  

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is an integrated planning and development approach that revolves around dense, walkable urban centres with mixed-use developments near transit hubs. In this issue, we take an in-depth look at how TODs can contribute to a more vibrant, sustainable and healthy community.

The publication of this issue coincides with Arup’s 45th anniversary in Hong Kong – a testament to our technical excellence in shaping compact TODs by integrating high-rise residential and commercial developments.

Beyond Hong Kong, we have delivered complex, impactful TOD projects that have reshaped many Asian cities. From planning transit-oriented cities in China’s Greater Bay Area to developing future multi-modal transport hubs in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, we are helping cities drive smart mobility and meet their sustainability goals with TOD, bringing long-term value to the communities.

Recognising the benefits, governments in East Asia are actively promoting TODs and increasingly transit-oriented cities. Felix Ma, Director and China Cities and Advisory Group Leader at Arup, shares his views on China’s latest urban development strategy with TOD and why taller is no longer better in the Profile section.

This issue also features James Sze, Arup’s Leader of Geotechnics, Maritime & Energy Group in Hong Kong, who gives an account of how he has overcome difficult ground conditions since joining Arup in 1995.

FIRST magazine Issue 10