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FIRST magazine Issue 8

Arup’s FIRST magazine celebrates excellence achieved through foresight, innovation, research, sharing and training.  

This issue showcases how we are living up to our commitment to sustainable development through our work and research projects.

Discover how we helped realise the Kai Tak District Cooling System – the first of its kind in Hong Kong – with our trusted capabilities that cover all phases of the project, from initial planning to design, to final implementation and ongoing operations. Read on to find out our ‘Design with Water’ framework and City Water Resilience Approach to the planning of an integrated water management for Shanghai as the city looks to improve the resilience of its decades-old drainage system.

Every game-changing project begins with feasibility analysis and strategic planning. In this issue we also look at the recommendations we made for the Da Nang City, Vietnam on implementing a waste-to-energy facility under the public-private partnership model; and on the Sustainable City plan envisioned by the City of Los Angeles.

Also covered in this issue are our latest Foresight report, intrapreneurship programme, latest research results, as well as the stories of Vincent Cheng and Sam Chow, who shared their insights on leadership, career development and project success.

FIRST magazine Issue 8