First Magazine issue 9

FIRST magazine Issue 9

Arup’s FIRST magazine celebrates excellence achieved through foresight, innovation, research, sharing and training.  

This issue showcases how we are living up to our commitment to sustainable development through our work and research projects.

Planning, designing and building healthcare facilities in the post-COVID 19 era involves complex infrastructure and operational design considerations. The first issue for 2021 takes a close look at some of the latest healthcare projects Arup has worked on across the globe.

Discover how we adopted a systematic approach to managing the complexity of planning, design, construction and operation of the CUHK Medical Centre – the first smart hospital in Hong Kong. We also share how we designed the world’s largest base-isolated hospital in Istanbul within an area that has suffered highly destructive earthquakes in the past.

The global health crisis has prompted not only the healthcare industry but also policymakers, planners and building professionals to rethink the design of future healthcare facilities. Also in this issue, you can read about our recent foresight publication. It envisions that future healthcare infrastructure, delivery models and services will be made resilient enough to mitigate the effects of climate change while providing more inclusive, accessible services to keep citizens healthy at a lower cost.

Also included in this issue are a wide range of research projects and technical solutions we have developed for clients across the region.

FIRST magazine Issue 9