Five minute guide to microgrids

If you want to achieve cost-effective increased self-sufficiency and your project is complex with multiple energy demands, then a microgrid could be appropriate. Our five minute guide provides an introduction to microgrids and explains when and how they should be deployed to achieve the desired benefits of improved energy self-sufficiency.

This brief guide outlines what a microgrid is (a local energy system which incorporates three key components – dispersed demand, self-generation and storage), as well as the benefits and evolving applications of this technology. The guide highlights illustrative projects based on Arup’s experience to demonstrate how a microgrid can be included in a project or subsequently installed. We also address a few solutions to potential technical challenges such as power quality, grid synchronisation and overall microgrid control.

Our microgrids guide has been developed as a result of increased demand in the market place and has been written by our experts working in energy systems and process – bringing together technical integration and project delivery.