Five minute guide to rooftop solar PV

Five minute guide to Rooftop Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic power generation is becoming increasingly cost effective. It is useful to understand the essential parameters if you are looking to achieve the associated benefits into either a new scheme or to consider retrofit programmes.

Our five minute guide highlights a source of renewable energy in the form of a rooftop PV system which is mounted onto the roof or integrated into the façade of a building. It’s an electrical installation that converts free solar energy into electricity.

Our latest guide highlights global solar resources and the rate of installation growth - it’s estimated by 2020 solar PV installations could total 403GW. This five minute guide touches lightly on associated costs, global pricing trends and how energy is converted. The generation of electricity by a solar system can be intermittent due to influence by the time of day and the weather and therefore needs to be balanced with the building’s demand profile. Our guide also touches upon contracting strategies and financial support and incentives.

This guide addresses demand in the market place to understand how to successfully apply PV technology and has been written by our experts working in energy systems and process – bringing together technical integration and project delivery.

Five minute guide to Rooftop Solar PV

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